Personal Injury Treatment

Chiropractic Care for Personal Injury

Personal injuries can happen in many different ways. Whether you fell walking down the stairs or you pulled your back from playing with the kids, these injuries can be very painful and frustrating. While you might take a few Ibuprofen a day to try to reduce pain,  that might be ineffective over time. You could also try to exercise and do some stretching, but those methods can also prove to be ineffective. A safe and very effective option for dealing with these injuries involves seeing a chiropractor. If you’re searching for a chiropractor in Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, or the surrounding area in Florida, be sure to contact Spine & Extremity Rehab Center, Inc. 

Spine & Extremity Rehab Center, Inc. always puts the client first. We recommend a full service law firm that recommends highly reputable lawyers to our clients. If you are looking to reclaim lost wages or are suffering from a personal injury that needs to be taken care of right away, they will be on the case! Lawyers will be with you for every step and will make sure to take care of your needs. Read on to learn more about chiropractic care for personal injury.

man suffering from whiplash after a car accident

Common Types of Personal Injury

Although personal injuries can happen anywhere at any time, they commonly happen in these scenarios:

Auto accidents 

Even the most minor car accidents can result in back and neck problems that can take years to recover. These fast, jerky movements can lead to sore muscles and even broken bones throughout the body.

Slips and Falls

Due to the aggressive nature of slips and falls, they can result in pulled backs, stiff necks, and even torn muscles. Given the physically demanding jobs out there, in addition to sports and other physical activities, slips and falls are very common.

Workplace Injury

Aside from physical jobs where injuries do happen, even desk jobs can pose some health issues. Sitting down all day and not moving often can result in stiff muscles, pulled ligaments, and other complications. 

What to Expect from Our Chiropractor 

If you come and see us for your personal injury, we’ll get you started on a personalized treatment plan. Unlike other chiropractic offices, we understand that each case is different, so we’ll focus on a treatment plan that’s specific to your individual needs. At your first initial evaluation, the doctor will examine the problem area, ask about the duration of pain and how the injury happened, and then they’ll discuss the upcoming treatment plan. 

Unlike other chiropractors, we use a combination of techniques to better serve our patients. In order to reduce pain, limit inflammation, and return range of motion, we might use the following techniques:

  • Manual adjustments
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical muscle stimulation

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